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Released Standards

Standards that are ready for public release and usage

May 27, 2004

Version 1.3 of the specification is now available. This version fixes a few typos we had in the previous version.

Standards are published in Adobe Acrobat pdf format.

Draft Standards

Standards that are published for public review and comment.
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  Released Standards
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Neuroshare Glossary

Glossary of Neuroshare specific terms.   2004-1-23
Neuroshare Glossary 8,142 HTML

Neuroshare API Documentation

Specifications of the Neuroshare API library functions to access data files.
Version 1.3 2004-2-6
NeuroshareAPI-1-3.pdf 133,870 Adobe PDF
NeuroshareAPI-1-3.htm HTML
Version 1.2 2003-8-14
NeuroshareAPI-1-2.pdf 292,145 Adobe PDF
Version 1.0 2003-2-19
NeuroshareAPI-1-0.pdf 290,624 Adobe PDF
Version 0.9c 2003-1-28
NeuroshareAPI-0-9c.pdf 537,160 Adobe PDF
Version 0.9b 2002-7-22
NeuroshareAPI-0-9b.pdf 255,280 Adobe PDF
Version 0.9a 2002-3-27
NeuroshareAPI-0-9a.pdf 227,850 Adobe PDF
Comments-on-API-0-9a.pdf 28,327 Adobe PDF

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