Open data specifications and
software for neurophysiology

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Links to free neuroscience tools and software

FIND Toolbox Home Page - an open-source analysis toolbox for multiple-neuron recordings and network simulations. Version 1.1 improves existing analytical tools and adds helpful features in which users of neuroshare might be interested.
NeuraPy - a collection of python modules useful for analyzing data obtained in neurophysiological experiments.
PhiTools - Software Tools and Services for Psychophysiology and Chronobiology.
sigTOOL - provides a programming and analysis environment for processing neuroscience data.

Links to general neuroscience sites

The Society for Neuroscience - Journals and Conferences

Links to neuroscience data acquisition hardware/software vendors

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AD Instruments
Alpha Omega Engineering
BioPac Systems
Blackrock Microsystems
Cambridge Electronic Design
Dagan Corp
Data Sciences International
DataWave Technologies
Electrical Geodesics, Inc.
Grass Instruments
Lafayette Instrument Company
MED Associates, Inc.
Multichannel Systems
NEX Technologies
Notocord Systems
Panasonic MED Systems
Plexon, Inc.
Psychology Software Tools
RC Electronics
Ripple new
Tucker-Davis Technologies
World Precision Instruments, Inc.

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