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May 30, 2005

We now are fully ported to our new home on SourceForge, and downloads will come from there. Should you want to look at all files that we have released, then please visit our list of files.

Lots of changes have happened to our data editing tool, PowerNAP.

Also, we now have a utility to print data file headers. See GetFileInfo.

All new applications comply with version 1.0 Neuroshare API specifications. Below is a list of all files of the project. Select the release you want.

If you are looking for samples of how to use a DLL, the Simple C Application or the Visual C Source Code could be of use. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a starting point for creating a DLL, the DLL Template or the NEV Library may be more helpful.

Once your Neuroshare DLL is written, you can test it with the DLL Tester program to see how well it meets the specifications.

If you use MatLab, then you are most probably interested in
Matlab Import Filter
Matlab API Documentation
Matlab Installation Guide

The Neuroshare Glossary and API Documentation are found on the standards page.

Our released packages are listed on our summary page.

Power Neuroshare Analysis Program (PowerNAP)
Neuroshare API Header Files
Neuroshare Native Data File Format Documentation
DLL Template
DLL Tester
Simple C App
Visual Basic Source Code Example
Visual C/C++ Source Code Example
NEV Library (moved to Libraries page)

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Neuroshare API Header Files

Header files defining the standard Neuroshare structures and function declarations. nsAPItypes.h contains C declarations for constants, variable types and structures. This header is to be included in both dll and host applications. The header file nsAPIdllimp.h contains type definitions of the function pointers to the imported functions from a Neuroshare compliant DLL. This header file is included in the host application along with the application-scope declarations of the function names.
Version 1.0 2003-2-21 7963 Source
Version 0.9b 2003-1-6 5132 Source

Neuroshare Native File Format Documentation

Specifications of the Neuroshare Native file format. This data file format is intended to serve as an intermediate file format for storing classified spike information.
Version 0.9d 2003-8-14
NSNFileFormat-0-9d.pdf 292,068 Documentation

Neuroshare DLL Template

A sample dll for use as a basic template for filling in code for library functions when creating a Neuroshare-compliant dll.

Neuroshare DLL Tester

A test program for validation of   Neuroshare libraries. This program exercises all the API functions and tests for compliance with the API ver 1.0 specifications

Power Neuroshare Analysis Program

Suite of utility programs for spike sorting and data editing, currently in development. We are looking for input on design and features.

Simple C App

A simple console application that provides sample C++ code on how to load a Neuroshare dll and get function pointers to each of the library functions.

Visual Basic Source Code Example

Visual Basic example program showing how to load the Neuroshare dll and open *.nev data files. Each of the Neuroshare functions is called and some of the data is read and displayed.

Visual C Source Code Example

Visual C++ example program showing how to load the Neuroshare dll and open *.nev data files. Each of the Neuroshare functions is called and some of the data is read and displayed.

GetFileInfo Utility

Simple utility to display header information about data files. Download

If you use Matlab, then you want these:

Neuroshare Matlab Installation Guide

Instructions on how to install Neuroshare so it will work with Matlab
Matlab Install Guide 107,773 html

Matlab API

Specification of the Neuroshare Library which are available in the Matlab environment.
Version 2.2 2004-1-6
Matlab API 107,773 html

Matlab Import Filter

32-bit and 64-bit Windows Wrapper for the Neuroshare Library functions in Matlab environment.
Please note: The library must also be 64-bit in order to work properly. Contact the individual library vendors to check their status for 64-bit.

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