Open data specifications and
software for neurophysiology

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General Contacts

Comments and suggestions about the website, the neuroshare project or the posted software and standards should be sent to

Working Group

Members of the first working group meeting for the API draft were:
Tim Bergel - Cambridge Electronic Design, Ltd.
Charlotte Gruner - Pronghorn Engineering
Shane Guillory - Bionic Technologies
Hans Loffler - Multichannel Systems
Thane Plummer - Neuralynx, Inc.
Tony Reina - Neurosciences Institute
Casey Stengel - Neuralynx, Inc.
Kirk Korver - Cyberkinetics, Inc.
Harvey Wiggins - Plexon, Inc.
Willard Wilson - Tucker-Davis Technologies

Direct Contacts

Development efforts are being organized by Hyrum L. Sessions. You can reach him at If there are problems with the above contact addresses or you would like to talk to a real, live person, please call Hyrum at 801-582-5533 x277.

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