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Welcome! is a site created to support the collaborative development of open library and data file format specifications for neurophysiology and distribute open-source data handling software tools for neuroscientists. To find out more, please read the mission page.

News and Additions (last updated 4-October-2011)

Ripple has been added to the Links page

There will be a sattelite event at this years annual sfn meeting to be held on November 12th to discuss updating the Neuroshare API. For more information search for neuroshare on the sfn website.

(9-June-2010) The transition to 64-bit has begun. Mexprog is compatible with recent versions of Matlab which do not accept dlls. It has been compiled for both 32 and 64-bit Windows and has the required mexw32 or mexw64 extensions.

(17-December-2009) PhiTools has been added to our links page. "PhiTools offers advanced solutions to the world of biomedical research and development by acting as a service provider and developer of new technologies."

(26-October-2009) Data Sciences International has been added to our links page. "We manufacture implantable telemetry for monitoring physiologic signals including EEG and EMG and also single channel nerve recording. We also have a line of hardware amplifiers including support for wired neural applications and we offer data acquisition and analysis software. Our NeuroScore software offering is used for processing EEG and EMG data to do automated scoring of sleep and seizures."

(26-October-2009) NeuraPy has been added to our links page. "NeuraPy is collection of python modules useful for analyzing data obtained in neurophysiological experiments.

(21-August-2009) FHC has been added to our list of data acquisition hardware vendors.

( 9-July-2009) Multi Channel Systems has provided us with a DLL.

(11-March-2009) Malcolm Lidierth has provided a new open-source Matlab package called sigTOOL for analyzing neuroscience data. See the links page for details.

We also have a brief getting started tutorial on how to read in neuroshare data.

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